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Checking Disk Space From Gnome and Ubuntu

Disk Usage Analyzer is a graphical menu driven application that reports disk usage in Gnome and Ubuntu environments. DUA can scan the entire file system tree or individual directories, either local or remote. DUA is also dynamic, in that it will report in real time any devices that are mounted and unmounted.To access Disk Usage Analyzer in Gnome, click on Applications \ Accessories \ Disk Usage Analyzer

When launched, DUA will start up in a stand by state, showing you total system capacity, used and available disk space.To view the entire file system including usage by individual directories, click the Scan Filesystem icon on the toolbar. When the scan is completed, the full tree of your file system will be displayed.From this display, you get a nice picture of the disk usage on the entire file system. You can also expand the top level directories and drill down to see sub-directoires and their disk usage, and sort each column to view each directory usage, size and contents. In the rig…